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More about BRÜT

The BRÜT bench draws from Victorian wrought iron benches, blending classic with contemporary. The footprints of wrought iron bench frames are classic design that has remained unchanged till this day. BRÜT offers a different solution using the same design foundation. 

Another main inspiration for the BRÜT bench is brutalist architecture in the North of England. The North is full of brutalist architecture mostly built in the 60's that still stands today. 



BRÜT is made entirely in the UK, concrete cast in Prudhoe, steel in North Shields and timber processed in Hexham. Each component is carefully manufactured by hand not on a large production line.

The concrete bases are cast and cured locally then finished by hand to ensure quality. The steel is bent, machined and welded together by talented metal fabricators in the north east.

The timber we use is all FSC certified and sustainably sourced. The UK pine we use is c24 grade timber which is very strong and contains no dead knots. This is then pressure treated with copper azole which will protect it from the elements for years to come. We also offer Iroko (african hardwood) as an option for those who like things a little more luxury. 

Special focus has been put into the ergonomics of the BRÜT bench. Specific angles have been designed into the bench to make it comfortable to sit on for extended periods. The backrest offers both upper and lower lumbar support as we know this is essential to maintain healthy posture. 




We want BRÜT to be not only a focal point of your treasured outdoor space but also a long term investment. BRÜT is designed to last 10+ years outdoors with little maintenance. Careful consideration has been put into selecting the right materials to stand the test of time.

victorian bench sketchs.png
1800 bench renders.94.png
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